Why Does Your Computer Get Slow

What is making your PC slow?  Do you need to install more memory, or maybe defragment the hard drive?

These are good things to try, but sadly, your PC is still going to be sluggish. Why does this happen? The answer is: the registry.  This large database contains a number of files & entries Windows relies on in order to run in an optimal fashion.  If your PC did not have a registry, it would not run.  But as time goes on, the registry gets big and bloated, and other applications are affected.  And when you have a full-on infection, your computer is going to start freezing at times, and it might even crash.  In some cases, in might not even work at all

But the news is not all bad.  Fortunately, you can download a scanner tool to fix these problems, and we believe ReimagePlus will do the best job

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