Why Your PC is Slow, & How to Fix It

Are you tired of your computer taking forever to open up programs?  I know it’s frustrating, but don’t worry: there are things you can do to make your computer faster and make sure it runs at its optimal level

Here are five reasons your computer is running slow

*Windows is Too Many Processes Simultaneously

It’s actually common for PC users to download a number of programs that run in the background without your knowledge.  These could be utilities or applications, and it could be why your computer isn’t running the way you want it to.  What these process do is, they take up random access memory (or RAM for short).  RAM is constantly running to process info inside your PC.  When multiple processes are running at the same time, a greater amount of RAM is used.  To fix this, you should not download browser applications/helpers.  They claim to speed up your computer, but they really don’t.  Also, only use more than one antivirus program

*Errors in the Registry

Your PC registry becomes crowded with files that are invalid and/or corrupt.  As a result, you get errors messages, your PC freezes up, and the overall performance is just slow.  To make your computer faster, use a registry cleaning program

*Your Computer is Infected with Malware or a Virus

Malware and/or viruses will slow down a PC. This is especially true if your computer is not protected while you are online.   However, even if you have the correct protection, malware can still find its way onto your machine. To prevent this from happening, you need to make sure your computer has a solid anti-virus program for proper internet security (Reimage will provide this for you)

*Your Hard Drive is Fragmented

If you use your computer too much, your hard drive can become disorganized.  The hard drive is responsible for processing many of the files on your PC.  If you don’t maintain it properly, your PC will take longer to find programs, thus making your machine slower.  If you defragment the hard drive, files will be placed in their proper position, and your PC will run faster (Reimage will also take care of this for you)

*Junk Files Are Limiting Your Disk Space

Make sure any useless junk files are not slowing your system down.  Get rid of any programs you aren’t using.  This will free up disk space and lead to a faster PC