How to Repair Blue Screen Errors

One of the most common errors you will see on a computer is the blue screen error.  They can make your whole system bog down to the point where you cannot even use it.  There are a lot of reasons why this happens.  And if the computer has frozen to the point where you cannot even use it, it can be a really difficult problem to fix!  But, with a bit of know-how, it’s actually not that hard of an error to fix.  But make sure you take all storage devices out of your system

    • Begin in safe mode

When turning on the power, hold the F8 button at the same time.  You will then see an option for starting in safe mode, which is what you want to do at this time.  The functionality of Windows will be quite limited, but that’s ok, because you are soon going to fix the blue screen error and not have any more problems

    • The start-up repair option

While you are doing this, you will see there’s a start-up repair among the listed functions. Choose repair your computer and then press enter. You will now go to a different window where you can choose the preferred keyboard layout before clicking on “next.” The nice part about this is that when you select to repair your computer, you will be taken through on-screen instructions, which are quite easy to follow. As long as you follow the prompts, the whole process should be pretty simple

    • Utilize system restore

If all else fails, you can utilize the system restore feature. When you’re in the advanced boot menu, go to the systems recovery menu and then choose system restore. You will then have to follow some more steps. Select a restore point. There could be an automatic restore point, depending on what version of Windows you have. But if there isn’t one, you can still create one on your own. Your computer will then go back to the same settings that were around before the errors started showing

Clearing out the registry can also fix blue screen errors.  You can edit the registry yourself, but I have found it easier to use a registry repair software program.  The one I like to use is Reimage.  Not only will it repair the registry but it will also undo damage done to your system.  It’s an effective program at a low cost