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WARNING! Do Not Use Reimage Until You Read What Happened When I Used it on My Computer

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Reimage is a comprehensive PC repair tool, founded in 2008. It is now owned by the Crossrider Group. It's one of (if not the largest) products in its category, with an average of 100 million visitors per month

The Reimage repair tool is very powerful, although my tests have found other products do just as good a job (including my #1 ranked product, PC OptiClean)

Most of the programs out there will just fix your computer's registry. But Reimage Plus does so much more. It is really an all-in-one computer utility. My Reimage review found it will not only repair your registry, it will also update missing or bad drivers, and it will remove spyware and other viruses that are infecting your system  

Effectiveness: 5 stars

It takes ReimagePlus about a half hour to scan your system for problems. This is one area where I definitely prefer PC OptiClean, because its scan only takes about three minutes (Note: these scan times can depend on how good or bad of shape your system is in. Sometimes it can be faster, sometimes it can be slower)

During that time, both Reimage & PC OptiClean will diagnose any problems with the operating system. They will also replace objects that the system has deemed to be faulty or missing. These programs can do this because it comes with a spare parts repository that contains 25 million files. In addition, they will find out how much free space is on your hard drive, as well as the amount of memory your machine has, and which programs are causing your PC to crash. The layout of these software programs is easy for anyone to understand, even someone who is not an expert on computers

Both Reimage & PC OptiClean found many damaged files that it quickly repaired thanks to that online repository. Many drivers on my computer were out of date, and there were other problems that can be linked to installing and removing dozens of applications and hardware upgrades over the years. ReimagePlus & PC OptiClean fixed all of these

After this, I noticed my computer booted up a lot faster. Also, programs and files appeared quicker, and web surfing was even faster. I also was no longer getting the dreaded blue screen of death errors that my computer had been suffering from before. And, the software will repair damage that has been done by malware and other viruses that you might not even be aware were on your PC. This is a unique feature that you do not often see in many other PC cleaner programs

The Reimage repair tool & PC OptiClean will also tell you what it CAN'T do to fix your computer. For instance, if the crash logs on Windows show there are problems this software simply cannot repair, the software will alert you to this. I like this feature, because there's nothing worse than buying a program that promises everything, but can only deliver on certain problems

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Click here for our top-ranked computer repair tool PC OptiClean (Highly Recommended)

Ease of Use: 5 Stars

Reimage & PC OptiClean will take you through the process step-by-step. Both programs designed for both those who know a lot about computers (many professional technicians actually use it), and those who know very little. You can start the scan and let the software take care of the rest. And, both programs will work behind the scenes to keep problems on your PC from returning again One thing I must note: in order for these repair tools to work, your Internet must be working. There are occasions when people think there is a problem with their computer because it's running slow, but really, the problem is that they don't have an Internet connection! There is also a strong possibility malware is hijacking the DNS on some PC's, and if this is the case, then Reimage and PC OptiClean will be blocked from making the necessary repairs to get your system running smoothly again

Customer Service: 3.5 Stars

My Reimage review found it offers you customer service 24 hours a day. But this area is my only complaint, since they can be a bit tough to get a hold of. With PC OptiClean, I had a question about the software scan and emailed them, and they responded right away

Both programs also offer a full money-back guarantee, although there are reports of people having trouble getting a refund from Reimage. PC OptiClean states if you are not satisfied for any reason, your money will be refunded, and there are no reports online of anyone having any trouble getting a refund from them

We have tested the top registry cleaner software products on the market, and while we feel Reimage is a very strong product, we found PC OptiClean is just an effective of a tool at a much lower lost. It costs $29.99/$43.94 depending on which options you choose, as opposed to $69.99/$99.99 for Reimage

I give PC OptiClean may highest recommendation: 5 Stars


Click here for our top-ranked computer repair tool PC OptiClean (Highly Recommended)

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Here is what other REAL customers have to say about PC OptiClean:

Leland M., Trenton, New Jersey

"My PC was really running slow, but after using PC OptiClean, it runs much faster. I would recommend it to anyone!"

Kate J., Tyler, Texas

"PC OptiClean works very well. It's easy to use. My computer starts up a lot quicker after using it"

Roberta C., Terre Haute, Indiana

"My family uses PC OptiClean on each of the PC's in our home, & it has helped all of them run much better"

The Exact Steps Reimage Takes to Fix Your Slow Computer

First, the Reimage repair tool will analyze your PC information. This information will be of great use to use as it will show us exactly what is wrong with our system

Next, this software tool will check for any types of "badware" on your PC like malware, viruses, trojan horses, etc. Any of those unwanted intruders will then be deleted

Next, the software will analyze your hardware. It will look for problems such as low system memory, speed of hard disk, and the temperature of your CPU. It will then recommend what needs to be done to undo these problems

Next, the software tool will check the stability of your system. It will look at the history of system crashes, and which applications crash the most

At this point, you will be asked to register the software to unlock all its features (you can do so here.) If you do so, all malware will be quarantined, and all corrupted files will be replaced, making your computer run much faster


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Click here for our top-ranked computer repair tool PC OptiClean (Highly Recommended)